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for Taxpayers

As the cost-of-living increases, families are forced to tighten their belts. Unfortunately, the politicians in Springfield always go to hard-working taxpayers and small businesses to pay more without any effort to reduce wasteful government spending first. Taxpayers are not a one-stop-shop to fix the failures of government. Michelle will limit government spending and make Illinois a tax-friendly state for families and small business owners to thrive.   


Safe Communities

As a mother of four, the safety of our neighborhoods is a top priority. Recent policies have given criminals the ability to do whatever they wish with little to no consequences, resulting in rising crime rates across the state. Michelle is a firm believer in supporting our law enforcement professionals. She opposes reckless efforts to defund the police and rejects policies allowing dangerous criminals back on the street.


Future Generations

Teachers do remarkable work, under difficult circumstances. COVID only made things more challenging, with students falling behind. As a former school board president, Michelle will be a parental advocate to ensure children receive a high-quality education without having politics enter the classroom.